Best spy apps to spy whatsapp account

Top five best whatsapp spying apps to spy whatsapp account.

Hello friends, Today here we will discuss some of the top whatsapp spying apps to do whatsapp spy of some one. These top whatsapp spying apps are the most legit and relevant apps produced by some of best monitoring and surveillance software developing companies. These apps are easy to install in someone mobiles. These all mobile monitoring apps will work on silent and stealth mode and ultimately cannot not give any indication to the user of mobile that they are being spayed by someone. By using them you can easily spy whatsapp account of the targeted device and also track all there whatsapp chat, photo and video.

How whatsapp spying apps works.

Basically all these monitoring and spying apps will work on a same pattern. First you have to download the spying apps apk file in the android mobile. After installing the spying apk file. You have to install it on your mobile to track all the activities of the targeted device. After installing the app open it and fill the general and required information into the app like id, password and activation key and some other general info to start monitoring of the device.

Know the app will start monitoring all the activity of targeted device and through WiFi or internet connection the spying app will upload all the tracked and monitored data to its secure server from there by PC,tab or mobile you can login your account and see all the tracked data including whatsapp chats and other multimedia stuff of the targeted device.

Top three whatsapp spy apps for android and iPhone.

Know here we will discuss mainly three whatsapp spy apps that are very useful in tracking whatsapp messages and can monitor whatsapp account easily of the targeted device. So here we go to discuss these apps and their feature. hopefully you will like these spying apps.

These all three monitoring apps compatible with all the major operating system like window, android and as well as ios. But to access the some of special feature of these apps you have to jailbreak or root your device. For rest of features you did not do anything.so lets begin with mspy.


whatsapp spy with mspy

whatsapp spy with mspy

Mspy is best monitoring and surveillance software that is compatible with both android and iOS devices. The best part about this is its most popular among the people. Before using  mspy,  please read the term of use of mspy. This is basically mobile monitoring software designed to track cell phone activity of your child and employee to both protect your child and business interest. With this you can easily spy whatsapp messages and also spy whatsapp account


  • Mspy can monitor all the call logs as well as also record all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Mspy can also capture all the multimedia stuff like photo, video, audio and upload to its server for you to see it.
  • It can also track your geographical location of the targeted device as well as history of your location.
  • It will capture all the messages and popular activity of all the popular messenger like whatsapp, facebook.



FlexiSPY is a powerful  and 100% inductive and untraceable phone, tablet, computer monitoring and surveillance  software. It will record all the targeted phone activity and upload it your the online server of flexibly from there you can view all the recent activity of mobile. It have nearly 150 unique feature to monitor the device. You can spy whatsapp with this very easily and with this you can spy whatsapp messages. there are many other mobile activities that you can done with it


  • You can spy messages with contact details of sender and receiver.
  • It will capture all the call logs of receiver and sender address with time stamp
  • You can spy all the messages of whatsapp and Facebook
  • You can track GPS location of device any time


whatsapp account monitored with highster

whatsapp spy with highster

Highster is the most amazing app to do whatsapp spy and it is also the cheapest app in compare to all other spying software. You have to once need to subscribe the highster for life there is no monthly subscribing plan in this. With this spy apps you can stealth a device without giving any sign to the use of the device. This will work in the background and continuously monitoring the activity of cell phone and upload all the monitored information to it’s site from there you login your account and view all the activity. It will spy whatsapp messages and VoIP calls as well.

Features of Highster

  • It can spy whatsapp account and also monitor all the messages and photo video of the whatsapp.
  • Highter can also spy on messages, calls logs including receiver and sender address with date and time
  • You can also track the current location of device
  • You can also view all multimedia stuff in the mobile with this app

Note:- Before using these kinds of cell phone monitoring apps for different purpose. Please read the term and condition to use these apps. Basically these apps are designed to monitor employees and your children. In different countries using these apps are illegal offence. So before using these apps first check what’s your local laws saying about in this matter.