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If you are able to see this page then it mean 80 % of work is done and you are nearly at final stage of whatsapp hacking. If this page show you any error then revisit and follow again all the process some time due to down server problem you may have to face such problem. We got lots of request to get whatsapp account hack. So in this way some the due to over load over surver become down. So don’t worry take a another try.

Below in this page whatsapp hacked file of target whatsapp account is generated. By just clicking on the generate file button your hacked file is generated instantly and you will be redirected to the download page. Before this you may have to fill a small survey or have to verify yourself from your fb or gmail account. This is done to cross check that are you really a human being or just automated spamming software.

After completing the small given task you will get the download link. From there you can download your whatsapp hacked file. All the files remain in zip. For some security reasons like file may be corrupt in transfer process. After download the whatsapp hacked file extract it. After extract you can check all the hacked whatsapp messages,audio,images files of targeted device.

Click below and generate and download spy whatsapp messages.

Just click below link and download whatsapp file. Before to download you may have to install a app to support us or have to verify yourself through fb or google account. This is done randomly to cross examine that are you real human being or just automated spamming robot. Know let generate your file and enjoy.

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